New wheel hub in Fusion 360

A ‘Wheely’ Good Day Pt. IV

The wheels we made for the Mark III robot did pretty well. The new polyurethane tires were excellent, they had plenty of grip, were basically indestructible and they maintained their grip over many hours of use. The hubs worked pretty well… well, most of the time. Apart from the structural issues due to low infill...
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Using an Intel 9260 Wireless Card with the Nvidia Jetson Nano

Unfortunately the Nvidia Jetson doesn’t support the Intel 9260 cards out of the box. Nvidia’s JetPack OS ships with the Linux kernel 4.9 while support for these cards was added in the newer 4.14. However, there’s a workaround, but we gotta recompile the kernel modules. Without further ado, here’s how to get the Intel 9260...
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Catching Shiny Hubs

In light of the recent drop test debacle, we’ve decided on a new infill pattern for the wheel hub. The infill that we used for the drop test was a small square pattern that stays unchanged throughout the print. Evidently, this wasn’t strong enough to handle the stress of the weight of the robot and...
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Drop Test!

The S.A.R.T. performed a drop test! We were pretty sure our robot would survive, but we’d never done a proper test before. We figured, now that we have our robot together again, why not give it a shot? Watch the video… in glorious 4K Overall, it was a success. The robot survived. The board and...
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Custom USB Board

One of our other major issues in Canada were the USB ports. Due to the small size of our robot, we needed to have right angle USB port extensions. These would plug into the robot and allow us to plug in the USB2AX device and cameras. The USB thing we had used. So we needed...
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Servo Servicing

A lot of things went wrong in Canada, sure.But perhaps the worse of our issues were the servos. The other day, we were planning on running a short demo during the regional RoboCup competition. We all got to school on Saturday and began putting it back together again. However, we didn’t have four functioning Dynamixel...
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Serious Simultaneous Sensor Struggles

A mere week before our trip to Canada we had a major malfunction of our robot’s components. Our previously wired sensors had an issue where the wires connected to the contacts on the sensor would break, rendering the sensor useless or dangerous if the wires happened to touch. To overcome this problem, we decided to...
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Our Robot Can Do A Full Pipe

The time is drawing near that the crew heads off to Canada! Since my last update on the wheels, we’ve made some slight changes to the original design and added an entirely new wheel design. For the original design the inner diameter was changed so that the space between the spikes and the hub is...
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Perplexing PCB Preparation

We need to plug in a rather large number of sensors to the UDOO x86 Ultra’s built-in Arduino. During the testing and programming phase, a breadboard worked just fine, but as we move things into the new robot chassis, which is rather tight for space, we need something very compact. The idea was to create...
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Here be New Wheels

Time to start working on the wheels. With the help of Mr Stock and Nick from Year 11 I’ve successfully modeled the hub and tyre components of the wheel. Using Inventor, I started out with a basic sketch of the Hub outlining the main body including holes for the servo. After extruding the sketch for...
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