Final preparations for RoboCup 2024

We are leaving for Eindhoven in two days and it’s been a busy week. We finally named our robot, Blue Panda!! There was a lot of discussion about the name of the robot, but yesterday it was finally decided.

Yesterday was also a crazy day, we started to find a lot of problems that we needed to fix, but we’re on the right track!! The sabretooth motor controller had a meltdown, where one motor was going slower than the other. We also discovered that we need more power so we have to replace the battery. Camera 3 also still doesn’t work but all the others do, we also don’t have camera mounts, and the bash guards don’t work because it caused too much friction on the tracks. We also have a plan for today so we will be hustling as it’s our final day of preparation before we leave. So basically we are facing a lot of last minute struggles which sucks, but hopefully, once that’s all fixed Blue Panda should be ready to go!!

See you in Eindhoven!!


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