Day 197 – RoboCup Rescue – Rapidly Manufactured Robot Challenge – Symposium

RMRC participants and organisers were invited to speak at the International Convention Centre Sydney for the 23rd annual RoboCup International Symposium. Dr Raymond Sheh (Founder, Committee), Archer Losely (Committee), Connor Kneebone (Participant), Graham Stock (Committee, Mentor), Joseph Lieber (Participant), Sam Hoffmann (Participant) and Patrick Louden (Mentor) talk to educators about the merits of the RMRC...
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Day 183 – Autonomy In Motion

Now that we have a rather nice PID controller, it’s time to test it! Enjoy responsibly Using just a PID controller alone, we can implement rudimentary autonomy. It’s only basic, but it’s a start and it’s the first time our robot has ever completed a course unaided. Another video, showcasing it from a different angle...
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Day 180 – Drop Test!

The S.A.R.T. performed a drop test! We were pretty sure our robot would survive, but we’d never done a proper test before. We figured, now that we have our robot together again, why not give it a shot? Watch the video… in glorious 4K Overall, it was a success. The robot survived. The board and...
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Day 179 – Semi-Autonomous At Last!

Here at S.A.R.T., we are immeasurably proud to anounce our robot is, at long last, semi-autonomous. You can watch the robot in action and in glorious 4K below:   Obviously this is extremely basic (literally all the logic in about five lines of code), but it’s the most autonomous our robot’s ever been (except the...
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The S.A.R.T. at Robocup 2017

While there are other blog posts that go into detail about each day at Robocup 2017 (see here), this blog is a more in-depth look back at our experiences during and after the competition.   The S.A.R.T. at Robocup 2017, Nagoya I’ve compiled a video of some footage of our robot during the competition, navigating...
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