Lord Nibbler – Our Bordeaux Robot

Lord Nibbler is a black and white robot named after a beloved character from the animated series Futurama. This unique choice of name stems from the creator’s inspiration derived from two previous robots: Blender and Flexo who are also characters from Futurama. Much like its namesake, Lord Nibbler showcases an *eye-catching* black-and-white colour scheme, contributing to its distinctive appearance.

Originating from the first robot ever created, Lord Elpus (Pictured Below), Lord Nibbler embodies an evolution in design and functionality. But mostly because of its name starting with lord.

Lord Nibbler not only exhibits an aesthetically appealing black and white exterior but also reflects a fusion of the past and the future. It represents the ongoing pursuit of innovation, combining homage to beloved characters with the ambition to push the boundaries of what robots can accomplish in the present day.

the song that most embodies this name would be “robot rock” by Daft punk

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