Gearing up for Eindhoven

So…. it’s been a while since a blog update so let’s catch up!! The main thing we’ve been working on so far is the chassis which we have upgraded. Instead of using a 3D printed chassis, we’re using aluminium sheets used from recycled road signs. the t-slot is also made from recycled 3D printers, so basically everything we’re using is recycled – we <3 Greta Thunberg. Noah has also been using CAD to work on the robot claw, whilst Will and Hamish have been working on the programming as well. Ben has also been updating the TDM which is due soon, and is very tedious. We’ve also been using nylon chopping boards in place

of almost all of our 3D printing which is strange – but it’s working so a win is a win! Everything is coming together nicely and we’ve been making a lot of new improvements on the robot. We’ve only go a bit more than 2 weeks until the competition, so it’s getting exciting (and stressful)!!! We’ve also been getting the Instagram along after a period of complete absence from online society, so go follow and like @sart_sfx.

See you soon!

– Yolanda and SART SFX Team

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