The Project

We aim to build a disposable and inexpensive robot that can be rapidly manufactured and adapted to many different use cases, such as searching for survivors in tight spaces or to locate holes in inaccessible pipelines.

Open Source

We’re working on making the S.A.R.T completely open source, with download options for our operating systems and sketchup models, as well as putting all our code on GitHub. You can check out the downloads page here.

S.A.R.T Interface

The S.A.R.T robot is controlled via a dashboard called the S.A.R.T Interface. Features include a video stream, raw data log, FTP file access panel, SSH console, mapping, sensor output and much more. Users never have to access the S.A.R.T hardware directly – everything can be done within the interface. See the demo here!

Complete Documentation

We provide extensive documentation on all our design and construction processes when it comes to coding, modelling, building, and coming up with new ideas. You could build your own S.A.R.T simply using the information provided in our daily blog.

Also available is the comprehensive 2018 S.A.R.T. TDM.

The Future

We have many plans to expand the versatility of the S.A.R.T robot. We are creating a “base model” that other people can develop on top of thanks to our Open Source philosophy.

Some possible extensions that can be made by anyone have been listed here.

Awards & Recognition

We often enter our robots in competitions such as RoboCup. We have received awards and recognition for a number of advances.

  • Tied 1st Place – Rapidly Manufactured Rescue League, RoboCup 2016, Leipzig, Germany
  • 1st Place – Rapidly Manufactured Rescue League, RoboCup 2017, Nagoya, Japan
  • Open Source Award – Rapidly Manufactured Rescue League, RoboCup 2017, Nagoya, Japan


S.A.R.T Mark I

Drive System                          4x Dynamixel AX-12A Servos
Main Computational Unit   Raspberry Pi 3

Onboard Storage                  32GB SD
RAM                                         1GB
Camera System                     Raspberry Pi Camera Board

Control System                      PlayStation Remote

S.A.R.T Mark II

Drive System                          4x Dynamixel AX-18A Servos
Main Computational Unit   Intel NUC NUC5CPYH
Central Processor                 Intel Celeron N3050 @ 2.16GHz x2
Onboard Storage                  120GB SAMSUNG SSD
RAM                                         4GB
Camera System                     oCam 5MP USB 3.0 Camera
Mapping System                   4x SHARP GP2Y0A21YK0F Infared Sensor
Additional Sensors               Temperature, Accelerometer, Compass
Control System                     S.A.R.T Interface
Communication                    Text to Speech, Speech to Text

S.A.R.T Mark III

Drive System                          4x Dynamixel AX-18A Servos
Main Computational Unit   UDOO x86 Ultra
Central Processor                Intel Pentium N3710 @ 2.56GHz x2
Onboard Storage                  32GB Integrated eMMC
RAM                                         8GB
Camera System                     4x ELP Super 5MP USB Camera, 1x
Additional Sensors               Accelerometer, Compass, Air Quality (VOC and eCO2)
Control System                     S.A.R.T Interface
Communication                   Two-way Audio

Our Team

S.A.R.T Alumni


S.A.R.T Development Blog

Day 55 – Article

Today we were interviewed by the Canberra Times for an upcoming article. We’ll include a scan and possibly a link when it is published!
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