Using an Intel 9260 Wireless Card with the Nvidia Jetson Nano

Unfortunately the Nvidia Jetson doesn’t support the Intel 9260 cards out of the box. Nvidia’s JetPack OS ships with the Linux kernel 4.9 while support for these cards was added in the newer 4.14. However, there’s a workaround, but we gotta recompile the kernel modules. Without further ado, here’s how to get the Intel 9260 Wireless Card working on the Nvidia Jetson in only 25 easy steps.


Not using an Intel 9260?  Try these instructions:


These instructions might no longer work, as there have been changes to the kernel since that mean the patch may no longer be applicable.
Some updated instructions, courtesy of @Caldarie from the Nvidia Developer Forums:

1. Flash a fresh version of Jetpack on your SD card
2. Clone and build and install the iwlwifi backport:

Clone the linux-firmware  git repo and copy relevant files to the system:

3. Install BTUSB from

4. Reboot

After rebooting, it may take up to a minute for the WiFi connection to be made.


Original Post:

All these instructions are adapted from this forum post. The patch is from this post in the same thread. Some of the compilation instructions are from this resource.

Download the driver package from here: and copy it to the home directory of the Jetson. Then extract using:

Move into the new directory and run the script to download the source files.

When prompted, the tag is tegra-l4t-r32.1. You will likely have to enter this twice.

Move to the kernel source directory:

Copy this patch (courtesy of @Manikanta from Nvidia devtalk forums) into a new file, called 0001-PCI-tegra-Fix-speed-change-code.txt:

Apply the patch with:

Execute the following commands to create the .config  file:

Execute the following commands to build the kernel including all DTBs and modules:

Copy the built image to the boot directory:


Clone and build and install the iwlwifi backport:

Clone the linux-firmware git repo and copy relevant files to the system:

Final reboot:

And that’s it. It should just work after that. How to get a Intel 9260 card working on an Nvidia Jetson Nano in only 25 easy steps. Now take a moment, pour yourself a drink and enjoy high speed Wi-Fi on the Nvidia Jetson Nano.

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  1. I found this on the forums that helped me get your process to work.

    If you downloaded kernel source using git, then copy the above patch and save it as Fix_speed_change_code.patch.
    Then apply the patch in kernel source using “git apply Fix_speed_change_code.patch” command. Your patch command is incorrect it does not work.

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