In light of the recent drop test debacle, we’ve decided on a new infill pattern for the wheel hub. The infill that we used for the drop test was a small square pattern that stays unchanged throughout the print. Evidently, this wasn’t strong enough to handle the stress of the weight of the robot and the impact during the test.

Old hub after the drop test

We’ve now printed new hubs with a concentric infill pattern. This makes the print much stronger, and should withstand the next drop test!

Shiny new hub assembled

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Erin is our 3D designer who creates and improves parts for our robot. She has an extensive knowledge of Blender and knows several languages such as Italian, German and Japanese. Sidenote: not a Nazi. She is the brains behind a number of our mechanical designs including the wheel systems.She often has ideas on improving the robot that somehow no one else even considered. Contains such ideas in a mythical orange folder hidden somewhere in a faraway place. Secretly also a dragon."If no one comes from the future to stop you from doing something, then how bad of a decision can it really be?"
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