Erin Biskup

Catching Shiny Hubs

In light of the recent drop test debacle, we’ve decided on a new infill pattern for the wheel hub. The infill that we used for the drop test was a small square pattern that stays unchanged throughout the print. Evidently, this wasn’t strong enough to handle the stress of the weight of the robot and...
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Our Robot Can Do A Full Pipe

The time is drawing near that the crew heads off to Canada! Since my last update on the wheels, we’ve made some slight changes to the original design and added an entirely new wheel design. For the original design the inner diameter was changed so that the space between the spikes and the hub is...
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Here be New Wheels

Time to start working on the wheels. With the help of Mr Stock and Nick from Year 11 I’ve successfully modeled the hub and tyre components of the wheel. Using Inventor, I started out with a basic sketch of the Hub outlining the main body including holes for the servo. After extruding the sketch for...
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What’s in the mythical orange folder?

So hey, first post for me. Heya! Figured I’d write something about the random ideas and designs I’ve collected since joining S.A.R.T., so here we go! First up is the wheel designs. Here we have a draft containing wheel dimensions and some ideas for how the wheel could be improved from last year’s. Similar to...
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