Ever since I created the S.A.R.T interface, there’s been one thing that bugs us constantly, and that’s having to refresh the page to load the stream every time we restart it. Refreshing the whole page has other unwanted effects, such as closing the SSH connection, meaning you have to log back in if you were using the SSH terminal.

But no more! I’ve implemented a simple refresh button that reloads only the stream image and nothing else. This is going to make working with the S.A.R.T a lot faster, removing the need to wait for pages to reload or having to keep logging back into the SSH terminal.

Although, it is also useful to be able to open a new SSH terminal every now and then. Rather than making the user press F5 to do this, I’ve also implemented an “Open New Terminal” button. Here’s a video of it in action:

Better than F5? Definitely!

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