RoboCup Rescue – Rapidly Manufactured Robot Challenge – Symposium

RMRC participants and organisers were invited to speak at the International Convention Centre Sydney for the 23rd annual RoboCup International Symposium.

Dr Raymond Sheh (Founder, Committee), Archer Losely (Committee), Connor Kneebone (Participant), Graham Stock (Committee, Mentor), Joseph Lieber (Participant), Sam Hoffmann (Participant) and Patrick Louden (Mentor) talk to educators about the merits of the RMRC as an intermediary between junior and major RoboCup Rescue for high school students.

Resources and links mentioned in this video (in order of reference):


The Semi Autonomous Rescue Team have also presented at Aichi University Nagoya Campus for the 21st annual RoboCup International Symposium. You can watch the 2017 symposium presentation here:

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