At the end of 2018 we were gifted a TurtleBot3 Burger by our new sponsor, Tribotix. A TurtleBot is a low cost robot that we built over a day during the holiday workshop. The TurtleBot has a Raspberry Pi 3 (Model B) and a 360° LiDAR, 3-Axis gyroscope, 3-Axis accelerometer and 3-Axis magnetometer sensors, OpenCR...
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Plans for Autonomy and ROS

Hello! I am Barney, I’ll be taking over autonomy for the next two years for S.A.R.T. This post isn’t actually about the progress of autonomy, but rather my plans for it. The main goal for the Mk 4, is to be able to follow the left wall throughout the course. Though this will be inefficient...
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Autonomy In Motion

Now that we have a rather nice PID controller, it’s time to test it! Enjoy responsibly Using just a PID controller alone, we can implement rudimentary autonomy. It’s only basic, but it’s a start and it’s the first time our robot has ever completed a course unaided. Another video, showcasing it from a different angle...
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Centring with a PID Controller

On our way to autonomy, one of the things we need to have is the ability for the robot to centre itself left and right in the course as it moves forward. First, I’ll explain what a PID controller is and how we will use it on our robot. PID stands for Proportional-Integral-Derivative controller. It’s...
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Semi-Autonomous At Last!

Here at S.A.R.T., we are immeasurably proud to anounce our robot is, at long last, semi-autonomous. You can watch the robot in action and in glorious 4K below:   Obviously this is extremely basic (literally all the logic in about five lines of code), but it’s the most autonomous our robot’s ever been (except the...
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