Barney Bruckner

Mmmmmm. Yummy PyPot.

Hello, It’s me Barney again! This time I am writing about motors. The S.A.R.T team ran into an issue with the motors constantly overloading and not going to the desired speeds. After a little troubleshooting, the issue was found. The pyax12 library doesn’t support the new MX-12w motors. I decided to replace the library with...
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Control Unit & Access Point

Hello! It’s Barney again. I am here to give a few updates regarding S.A.R.T’s progress, considering we haven’t had an update for cough two months cough. We decided to remove the Xirrus XR-600 from the control unit and we are going to replace it with the Unifi AP AC PRO because the Xirrus access point...
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Plans for Autonomy and ROS

Hello! I am Barney, I’ll be taking over autonomy for the next two years for S.A.R.T. This post isn’t actually about the progress of autonomy, but rather my plans for it. The main goal for the Mk 4, is to be able to follow the left wall throughout the course. Though this will be inefficient...
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