RoboCup Canada, Day 4: Daunting Dilemmas

Today was the first day we spent at the venue. It was the practice day for all teams where we could all put our robots in the maze and test their functionality. Seeing as we didn’t actually have a functioning robot we mainly spent the time getting all the parts of our robot working.


We mainly worked on the cameras because being able to see where we were in the maze was pretty important (understatement). We also spent some time while we were there improving the control panel and sensor code so that during the sensor tests we could get maximum points. We knew that we could do well on the sensor tests as while we were at school we had had each individual part working we just needed to stitch it all together so they could work together.

We went home from the venue early that day as there was quite a lot of stuff that we had left at the room and it would be better, in general, getting away from the loud crowded venue so that we could work more productively.

That night we stayed up very late thought the hard work did pay off. At 3 am, we had a fully functional robot. Cameras and servos were all working together, for the first time. We were excited, we were ready. If only we knew what was to come.

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