RoboCup Canada, Day 2: Bountiful Buying Bonanza

Today was one of the only days where we could sleep in, so we woke up at around 9:00 am and headed for breakfast, thinking of what we were doing for the day.

We had unpacked all our stuff and found out that during transit only one thing had broken, which was lucky. The switch that was connected to the uninterrupted power supply we were using had been broken and had taken a piece of the acrylic with it. The acrylic was easily repaired with a bit of glue, but the switch with its tiny components was a lot more frustrating. We decided that there was some stuff that we had to buy such as some long screwdrivers to properly unscrew the UPS and some stuff for the soccer team’s robot as well. We went to the nearby mall and went to Canadian Tire which had everything we needed.

We took our time while walking there and back, saw a few sights. There were some pretty cool buildings, both new and old.

Once we got back at around 1:00pm we started work on our robot, I spent most of the day resoldering sensors with new wire that we had ordered with the other stuff we got from Elmwood electronics. This wire was a lot more flexible than the previous wire and we hoped that that would stop the previous problem we had of wires constantly snapping. Connor mainly spent the time getting the sensors working while Kyle worked on getting the motion detection and tracking working. At the end of the day, we had a lot of stuff half-finished and were planning to get it done on Saturday.

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  1. Jack Williams

    Wow, I’m getting a sense of deja vu here… Case pressurisation and a bit of the control panel acrylic breaking… It’s all happening again, exactly the same way it did before! You need to get out, befo-

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