After a discussion with Aaron yesterday, this morning I set up an experiment to test how long the UPS would run after being disconnected from the wall.

The devices I connected was the BreezeLite mini PC, the Xirrus access point and POE injector, keyboard, mouse and monitor.

The UPS was able to power these devices for 1 hour and 15 minutes before gracefully shutting down the system.

The monitor used was far less energy efficient than the one we purchased (still waiting for that to arrive), and the BreezeLite was put under a heavy simulated load that would draw far more power than one would expect under a normal load. Hopefully this means we can expect some more time than this experiment proved.

We plugged the depleted UPS back into the wall to time how long the charging cycle takes. CyberPower says a complete recharge takes 8 hours. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to complete the test as I left at 12:30 to attend my passport appointment, but the UPS was around 50% charged after 1 hour.

Obviously the robot itself will be discharged long before the UPS. We might even have to look into the viability of building a LiPo charger into the S.A.R.T Control Panel so we can recharge the robot off the control panel’s power supply.

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