I took the 3D printer home again this weekend and printed the 6th chassis prototype, with the extra room for the SSD underneath the NUC, instead of on the top of the robot.

There were some minor design changes that were necessary to accommodate the SSD underneath the NUC.  The entire robot is about 5mm thicker, and the standoffs and I/O for the Intel NUC have been raised by 7mm.  There is no need for a hole in the top of the robot and protruding SSD mounts, as we can simply screw the SSD in from the bottom.


I also printed the first prototype of the new wheels, as it incorporates a belt that connects them on each side (see https://www.sfxrescue.com/day-eighty-eight-drive-system-design/).

The wheels are similar to the ones we currently have, although the main difference is a groove cut out of the middle so we can attach the belt.


All the prints were successful, which is more than I can say for the ones at school.  Possibly the office temperature is inadequate with everyone constantly opening and closing the door all the time.

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