Over the past few weeks, we’ve been running very low on 3D printer filament, only being able to print a few test prints every time a new shipment of filament comes in. Today we went on a hunt for the extra filament that we had last year.

We looked in the old office, in the storeroom, and in the classroom where we had previously kept the 3D printer, but there was no filament to be found.

The only other place we could think of was the Trade Training Centre – they have two Ultimaker printers, so perhaps they kept all the filament too.

As it turns out, they did:

The Ultimakers take a filament 2.85mm in diameter, whereas our Makerbot takes 1.75mm filament. Because they would have no use for the thinner filament, we took ALL OF IT.


Here’s what we were able to claim:

With this filament, we were finally able to do some productive printing. More information on that in Matthew’s next blog!


In other news, we submitted our TDM today as well – 8 hours late.

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