Reinstall All The Things! Again…

Today Aaron talked to Jack about reimaging the NUC after having the backup software (SystemBack) fail and cause errors on startup despite being uninstalled. Aaron mainly wanted to reimage it due to the fact that we have installed and uninstalled a lot of backup software. When you uninstall a program there is always the chance that there are a few files left over, this can cause the NUC to become slow.


So it’s back to the drawing board for a backup… Or is it..?

While talking to Mr. Elias, he suggested that we take the SSD out and plug it into another PC and clone the disk. Aaron took the drive home and plugged it into his PC the drive wasn’t recognised in windows, however, it was in Macrium Reflect Aaron then cloned the disk. After the clone completed Aaron reimaged ubuntu and installed everything, he used Jack’s instructions found here.

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