With the robot well under construction, we’re soon going to need the S.A.R.T Control Panel in order to test it. With that in mind, I marked out holes for fans, cables, the power button and the power LED.


After lunch, Aaron and I went to the applied tech department to cut out the holes.

The two 80mm fan holes were cut with a 78mm Forstner bit. We drilled another 8 holes in order to attach the finger guards.

The power button was drilled with the largest drill bit we could find, but it still needed to be expanded a bit, so we used a round file to remove the rest. We drilled a small hole for the UPS power LED. Fortunately we’ve designed the system so that everything powers on when the UPS is powered on, so this is the only power button necessary.

Finally, we cut a hole for cable routing with a coping saw and tidied it up with the Dremel.


After installing the fans, we start to see the control panel come together!

We’re still considering how the joystick will be mounted, if we end up using it. We will need some mechanism to push the joystick down and out of the way of the monitor when the case is closed to avoid damaging the monitor.

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