As part of our control panel, we needed to extend the UPS power on cable this is because we wanted to be able to turn it on without removing the plastic every time. It should have been simple, go online and look for a 4 pin cable that is the same as what the UPS had.

Sadly I couldn’t find one online so after a lot of research I decided to cut it in half and extend it myself, this task was pretty easy as there are only 4 pins, all I did was make the 2 outside pins as “1” and “2” I then stripped all four wires and all the other wire I needed in order to extend it.

(the tape is temporary and we are not using it to mount the button in the finished product, Jack will explain more on this in his upcoming blog)

The original length of the wire was 160mm and the new length is 560mm, so as you can see, we have a lot more length to play with.

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