We have currently been researching a new and greatly improved way of knowing the position of the robot on the field using cameras. We had the idea of putting fisheye cameras on all side of the robot so that unlike the old robot we will have a much larger view area and will be able to manoeuvre through the course a lot more smoothly.

We have found cameras that are greatly more superior and a lot cheaper than the one that the old robot had. The new camera we are planning on getting has autofocus and a 170-degree fisheye lens. It is also only 38mm by 38mm and can also be cut down to make 32mm * 32mm. (full specs can be viewed here http://www.elpcctv.com/super-5mp-hd-usb-autofocus-camera-module-for-micro-endoscope-camera-p-85.html)

We have not yet found any software to stitch the footage together yet as we have not really looked.

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