While talking to Mr. Crane, he asked how we are going to do the belt on the wheels. I said we could buy a belt and cut it to size and connect the ends – but this is the S.A.R.T, and that would be too easy. While buying more ABS for the Ultimaker, I thought “What if there was a filament that acted like a rubber?”

Enter: Ninja Flex

Ninja Flex is a balance between flexibility and strength, this means we can use it to print our own belts! I talked to Mr. Elias and he was worried about rocks getting stuck between the belt and the wheel, meaning it could get damaged. He gave us a design idea that could prevent rocks getting stuck.

To help prevent this we have 2 options:

  • We use a brush to brush the belt just before it goes around the wheel
  • We create a belt with teeth on the inside and outside, allowing rocks to collect in the belt, but preventing them from doing any damage.

We chose to try the second option. The belt design will look something like this, just with bigger spikes:

Image result for double sided v belt


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