Ryan and I connected a single Dynamixel servo to the Dynamixel2USB and the SMPS2Dynamixel, but had trouble connecting more than one. We soon discovered that the IDs of the servos would have to be assigned individually, and searching for the unassigned servos with Dynamixel Wizard would not work. So, we connected each servo individually and assigned an ID to each. I labelled each physical servo with a piece of tape to easily check servo IDs in the future. The team then gathered round and tested the grip of the wheels on various inclines.

Due to the time we wasted working out the problems with the process, and lack of clear documentation online, I created a demonstration video to help other people set up similar servos.

Matthew began designing the plastic support for the Raspberry Pi screen in Inventor Pro 2015 after filling in the entries for days eight and nine on the team log.


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