I began the overhaul of our team laptop with Aaron and Ryan. We would eventually be using this to program and develop the code necessary for the robot.  We took it apart and cleaned it out because we were concerned about temperatures. We fixed a “bug” by removing a small insect that had somehow found its way into the laptop, then, unable to get the rest back cover off, put it all back together and installed Ubuntu and the Python Development Environments, drivers and libraries.

Riley and Matthew began to assemble the claw, but ran into a few problems.  After discovering that some of the holes in one of the pieces were threaded with 3mm screws, we had to reprint it because it would no longer fit.  The other problems included not having enough of the right type of screws and trying to work out how all the pieces fit together (see log for day nine).

robot 4

robot 3

robot 5

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