This morning, Aaron and I walked into the IT staff room to find a pleasant surprise. A shiny new TREKA 700 plastic case was sitting on the desk.

I started taking putting everything we needed into the case to test out placement and cable management. We’re going to have to get some shorter cables (or maybe even make them) so that everything fits in a bit nicer.

We also need some sort of battery for the BreezeLite, monitor and wireless access point. A small UPS would be easiest if we can get one in the right dimensions for the right price. A power board inside the briefcase distributes power to the 3 devices that require it. It’s possible we won’t need this, depending on how many outlets the UPS has.

There should be only one cable leaving the briefcase, and that’s the power cable for the UPS. We’ll need to cut a small hole in the case to pull the power plug out, and then we can fit it with a rubber grommet or something similar to close the hole.

We’ll use cable ties inside the case to ensure plugs do not come loose from their outlets. The devices inside don’t produce much heat, but it is possible we’ll need to cut holes for some small fans as well.


Now on the list of things to buy:

  • UPS
  • 2 tiny ethernet cables (we might be able to get this from our friendly IT support)
  • Tiny kettle plug
  • Rubber grommets approximately the size of a power cord plug

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