Riley Cockerill

Day 116 – Screw This

So. We have a problem. Like Tom Hanks stranded on an island, level problem…. In short, stuff doesn’t work properly. Long version: The Robots current mounting system for the servo’s looks like this Each servo is held on by four screws, 1X 3mm 3X 10mm Each of these screws need to be able to quickly...
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Day 111 – One Inch more

A short update. Each S.A.R.T model/prototype has a new and quite frankly, interesting addition or modification. Every time a new model is printed, something new comes along that needs to be added or measurements are a fraction of a millimetre off, thusly the never ending “Hamster-design-cycle/wheel” keeps rotating. Matthew latest brainchild is to add mounting...
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Day 87 – The Briefest Of Cases

Hi All, Along with the new robot, we are looking into a new command centre. The command centre is, in essence, going to be all the controls of the robot (joystick[hopefully], WiFi access point, screen for cameras and what have you) crammed into a cool looking briefcase that will require a background explosion and epic music...
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