Riley Cockerill

Screw This

So. We have a problem. Like Tom Hanks stranded on an island, level problem…. In short, stuff doesn’t work properly. Long version: The Robot’s current mounting system for the servo’s looks like this: Each servo is held on by four screws, one 3mm and three 10mm. Each of these screws need to be able to...
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One Inch More

A short update. Each S.A.R.T model/prototype has a new and quite frankly, interesting addition or modification. Every time a new model is printed, something new comes along that needs to be added or measurements are a fraction of a millimetre off, thusly the never ending “Hamster-design-cycle/wheel” keeps rotating. Matthew latest brainchild is to add mounting...
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The Briefest Of Cases

Hi All, Along with the new robot, we are looking into a new command centre. The command centre is, in essence, going to be all the controls of the robot (joystick[hopefully], WiFi access point, screen for cameras and what have you) crammed into a cool looking briefcase that will require a background explosion and epic music...
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