A short update.

Each S.A.R.T model/prototype has a new and quite frankly, interesting addition or modification. Every time a new model is printed, something new comes along that needs to be added or measurements are a fraction of a millimetre off, thusly the never ending “Hamster-design-cycle/wheel” keeps rotating.

Matthew latest brainchild is to add mounting sockets for the Kingston SSD, the bonus of these mounts is, obviously, the possibility of mounting the SSD to the exterior of the chassis. However, all good things must come with a price.

  1. The print requires extra filament to print supports as the base of the print.
  2. The time goes through the roof.
  3. Due to the fickleness and the apparent lack of manners, the supports don’t come away cleanly and the entire top of the print has to be sanded down, this would be fine. But it requires a bit of fine touching around the actual mounts. Luckily we have a Dremel with a sanding head.

Again, just a quick update.


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