Connor Kneebone

Full Steam Ahead

It’s been a while since our last progress update, we’ve been rather busy with assessment at school. The worst of the assessment period is over now though, so we can focus on S.A.R.T! Now that our robot is almost built (more on that soon!), the team has been able to start focusing on the software...
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Perplexing PCB Preparation

We need to plug in a rather large number of sensors to the UDOO x86 Ultra’s built-in Arduino. During the testing and programming phase, a breadboard worked just fine, but as we move things into the new robot chassis, which is rather tight for space, we need something very compact. The idea was to create...
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Camera Compression Complications Continuation

Cameras are going to be a huge part of our robot (Mainly in terms of importance, but it just so happens that they are some of the largest components in the robot, save for the UDOO). So making sure we have them working efficently, at good quality and reliably is of utmost importance. We ran...
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Arduino and UDOO Communication

Having the Arduino onboard the UDOO is a godsend. It removes the need for a separate (and bulky) Arduino to act as an intermediary. The Arduino shows up as a standard serial device in Linux. In fact, it can be used just as if it was over USB. Using the Arduino with the official IDE...
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Updated TDM for 2018

We have just submitted our updated Team Description Materials for 2018. In addition to last year’s TDM, it covers a number of improvements and additions that we will be working on leading up to Canada. Authors: Matthew Williams, Jack Williams, Aaron Maggs, Ryan Ewyk, Riley Cockerill, Connor Kneebone, Ben Hallett, Erin Biskup, Kyle Ewyk &...
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Camera Compression Complications

Mr. Crane picked up some cheap Logitech webcams the other day, so we could try testing multiple camera streams. He also got a USB 2.0 hub, so we could have them all on one USB port. The software that we used to stream the cameras over the network, Motion, supports multiple cameras very easily. Linux...
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Networking, more like net-not-working

I have been working on setting up the UDOO x86 Ultra while everyone else has been working on the chassis. Setting up the software on the UDOO came with its fair share of problems. The robot runs a number of programs and scripts, mainly Apache web server to serve the control website, and a number...
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We’re the new S.A.R.T team, and we’re in charge now. We are Connor, Ben, Erin, and Kyle. Now that that’s out of the way; we began working on some new modifications we could do to the project. New Control Panel We are building a new control panel to replace the previous one which is not...
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