Gerard Elias

Final preparations for RoboCup 2024

We are leaving for Eindhoven in two days and it’s been a busy week. We finally named our robot, Blue Panda!! There was a lot of discussion about the name of the robot, but yesterday it was finally decided. Yesterday was also a crazy day, we started to find a lot of problems that we...
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Gearing up for Eindhoven

So…. it’s been a while since a blog update so let’s catch up!! The main thing we’ve been working on so far is the chassis which we have upgraded. Instead of using a 3D printed chassis, we’re using aluminium sheets used from recycled road signs. the t-slot is also made from recycled 3D printers, so...
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Time For a Makeover

Welcome back to another episode of SART SFX where we are retiring Lord Nibbler! He is very old now and it’s time for a predecessor, so we’re going to revamp our old ideas and create a new (currently unnamed) robot that does everything Lord Nibbler could not achieve. So, like last time, we’re focusing on...
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We’re back baby!! | a new era of SART

Song of the day: The boys are back in town – Thin Lizzy Welcome back to the official SART blog!! We just came back from our competition in Bordeaux (like 5 months ago), and it’s been a while since our last update. So, let’s catch up on everything so far, such as breaking our robot...
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