Song recommendation for the day – It’s A Hard Knock Life by Charles Strouse.
Today, we were successful in our attempt to get all our electronic equipment working. Once Hamish and Caitlin were able to set up the power distribution, we were able to test the electronic component of the robot. To our elation, the entire electronic system was able to perform each task that was needed.
Once that was done, the next job was to get it into the robot. We used an acrylic sheet and drilled holes in the sheet that corresponded to where the electronics would be drilled into. On the first attempt the holes were drilled into the incorrect position and no particular person was to blame, (it was my fault). On the second attempt, holes were laser cut out of the acrylic sheet to ensure that the holes were in the correct position. Once more the holes were in the incorrect position and once more no particular person was to blame, (it was my fault again). On the third attempt the holes were laser cut in the correct positions and we were finally able to install the electronics into the chassis.
Electronics that are in the robot:
⦁ Raspberry Pi
⦁ Servo Motor Controller
⦁ 4x DC Motors
⦁ Sabretooth DC Motor Controller
⦁ Voltage Regulator
⦁ 2x ELP 5MP HD USB Autofocus Camera

Tune in for more updates and we’ll see you in France!

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