SIGHTS Set On The Future

Here at S.A.R.T. we are proud to announce the release… of SIGHTS. No, it’s not a network of spy satellites. We aggressively forced the name for that sweet secret service-style acronym. It stands for “SART Integrated GUI and Host Teleoperation Service”, and that’s just what it is: A complete teleoperation interface written by the Semi-Autonomous Rescue...
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Autonomy In Motion

Now that we have a rather nice PID controller, it’s time to test it! Enjoy responsibly Using just a PID controller alone, we can implement rudimentary autonomy. It’s only basic, but it’s a start and it’s the first time our robot has ever completed a course unaided. Another video, showcasing it from a different angle...
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Drop Test!

The S.A.R.T. performed a drop test! We were pretty sure our robot would survive, but we’d never done a proper test before. We figured, now that we have our robot together again, why not give it a shot? Watch the video… in glorious 4K Overall, it was a success. The robot survived. The board and...
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Semi-Autonomous At Last!

Here at S.A.R.T., we are immeasurably proud to anounce our robot is, at long last, semi-autonomous. You can watch the robot in action and in glorious 4K below:   Obviously this is extremely basic (literally all the logic in about five lines of code), but it’s the most autonomous our robot’s ever been (except the...
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