Stopping Servos

An issue we’ve commonly faced while operating our robot is that the servos will keep spinning if the script crashes or if we exit the script via CTRL+C. I’ve always had the stop_servos.py script for this exact purpose but it has to be executed manually after exiting the main script, i.e. python3 stop_servos.py. This script...
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Servo Servicing II

As I talked about in a previous post, half of our servos weren’t working. Of course, I was going to try to fix them before we spend anymore money on new ones, so that’s what I did today. Some of them were broken for certain, they either didn’t show up at all when connected or...
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Servo Servicing

A lot of things went wrong in Canada, sure.But perhaps the worse of our issues were the servos. The other day, we were planning on running a short demo during the regional RoboCup competition. We all got to school on Saturday and began putting it back together again. However, we didn’t have four functioning Dynamixel...
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Jammin’ With Wheels

It has the consistency of jam and smells like jam and tastes like jam but is not jam, then what is it? You guessed it, polyurethane resin. As a side note: if it gets to the point where you need me to tell you that polyurethane is bad for you, then I think it’ll come...
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