It has the consistency of jam and smells like jam and tastes like jam but is not jam, then what is it? You guessed it, polyurethane resin. As a side note: if it gets to the point where you need me to tell you that polyurethane is bad for you, then I think it’ll come down to natural selection.

Today’s recipe is on how to cook a resin tire, evenly through. Serves 2.

What ingredients you need:

  • Tin cured silicon rubber with a hardness grade of 25 or 40A.
  • Polyurethane resin with a hardness grade of 80A.
  • Measuring cup about 500ml.
  • Stirring sticks.
  • A plastic container that can fit your print of the tires.
  • Dye
  • 2x 500g weights per how many prints you are doing at the time.


  1. Put the print of your tires into the plastic container.
  2. Measure out and accurately mix the correct ratio listed in the technical document.
  3. Pour the silicon on the print and hold it down with the weights.
  4. Wait for one to three days for the silicon to cure.
  5. Once it has cured now you’re ready to cast.
  6. Once again you want to measure and accurately mix the correct ratio in the technical document.
  7. Pour the resin into the moulds and put it in a safe place where it can cure. Curing will take roughly the same amount of time as the silicon.
  8. Now you’re ready to serve.
Wheely deelys
Wheely deelys on car

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