Control Panel

SIGHTS Set On The Future

Here at S.A.R.T. we are proud to announce the release… of SIGHTS. No, it’s not a network of spy satellites. We aggressively forced the name for that sweet secret service-style acronym. It stands for “SART Integrated GUI and Host Teleoperation Service”, and that’s just what it is: A complete teleoperation interface written by the Semi-Autonomous Rescue...
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Control Unit & Access Point

Hello! It’s Barney again. I am here to give a few updates regarding S.A.R.T’s progress, considering we haven’t had an update for cough two months cough. We decided to remove the Xirrus XR-600 from the control unit and we are going to replace it with the Unifi AP AC PRO because the Xirrus access point...
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Full Steam Ahead

It’s been a while since our last progress update, we’ve been rather busy with assessment at school. The worst of the assessment period is over now though, so we can focus on S.A.R.T! Now that our robot is almost built (more on that soon!), the team has been able to start focusing on the software...
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