Ubuntu laptop no more and first person blogs!

While in my study class, I was going to re-image the Ubuntu laptop that had an issue installing Google chrome. I was about halfway through the install process when I thought, why use ubuntu? After all the laptop doesn’t need to run anything Linux based. I then went to check that with Jack, he said he doesn’t have an issue with it. I then searched my laptop for a Windows 10 or 7 ISO and lucky I had one for Windows 10. I then made a bootable USB using a program called Rufus.

After I installed windows 10 and finish the setup I set up the S.A.R.T control laptop to open google chrome and go the IP of the robot once windows has booted.Thanks to the SSD I put into it windows boots in about 19 seconds. This looks to be a little slower than ubuntu however it will be much more user-friendly.

For the future of these blogs, we have chosen the write them in first person. Why the sudden change? Because we feel it is easier to explain what we are doing. So be sure to check the name under the title of the blog to see who is typing it 🙂

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