So we went to the S.A.R.T Workstation with the intention of setting up FTP transfer for the S.A.R.T Interface. We believe a web FTP client built into the interface would significantly increase the utility of the console and bring us closer to our goal of using the interface to control all robot functions – simply put, the S.A.R.T Interface should completely remove the requirement to connect the robot itself to a monitor, mouse or keyboard.

I have previously installed an FTP server on the S.A.R.T, and I still had the MonstaFTP client built into the old S.A.R.T interface, so most of the work was already done. All I needed to do was set up an FTP client.

Apparently I’d done this before as well. I tested the FTP feature logging in with the default S.A.R.T username and password and I was able to log in and access files. The home directory wasn’t accessible though, so it seems that I still need to work on permissions.

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