Matthew and Riley printed a few more camera mounts, in case the ones we currently have break. This was an issue we found with the store-bought camera mounts.

Aaron is working on connecting a Raspberry Pi to a Linux system.

Ryan and I have decided to re-write the two programs required to control the robot, using characters instead of messed-up integers.


Main Controls
Button NameButton CharacterButton Function
R1, Right OnerReverse Right Servos
R2, Right TwoRForward Right Servos
L1, Left OnelReverse Left Servos
L2, Left TwoLForward Left Servos

For example, R2  would set the servos on the right to forward, turning the robot in a gentle curve to the left. L2 would do the same, but in the opposite direction. Holding both R2 and L1 would set the right servos moving forward and the left moving backwards, turning the robot left on the spot.


Claw & Arm Controls
Button NameButton CharacterButton Function
Directional Button UpWArm Up
Directional Button LeftAOpen Claw
Directional Button DownSArm Down
Directional Button RightDClose Claw


Camera Controls
Button NameButton CharacterButton Function
Triangle ButtonwCamera Tilt Up
Square ButtonaCamera Pan Left
X ButtonsCamera Tilt Down
Circle ButtondCamera Pan Right

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