Riley downloaded Inventor, and Matthew is going to teach him the basics so he can design and print models, as he wants to experiment with the chassis, modifying it so it has telescopic capabilities and is more flexible and stable.

I made a video showing how to set up the daisy-chained Dynamixel servos (posted on the blog “Dynamixel Day”) and then helped Ryan configure the OpenCM with the Raspberry Pi using serial, eventually getting the basic forward movement of the robot controlled by the Playstation 3 controller.  Aaron tried to get the Raspberry Pi to connect to the Linux machine via SSH.

Today Matthew designed the accompanying part for the camera mount, completing the apparatus.  He is going to do a test print before we print one with 100% infill and a layer height (resolution) of 0.05mm, instead of wasting all the time it could have potentially taken to print only to discover that the dimensions are slightly out.

camera mount design

Day Sixteen Afternoon

With the second test print of the Pi camera mounting apparatus turning out successful (the first one was 1mm too thick), it was time to print the final version with 100% infill and a resolution of 0.05mm.

Previously, the robot didn’t stop moving after the pressure was taken off the PlayStation 3 controller’s buttons.  Ryan modified the code so we now have a greater degree of control over the forward movement, as the robot now stops immediately as soon as it detects that the buttons aren’t pressed on the controller.  So, at this point in time, our robot is essentially remote controlled.

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