I originally built the S.A.R.T Interface for a Raspberry Pi with only a fraction of the processing power of the Intel NUC that we’re using for the S.A.R.T v2. This means that the system information display of the interface reports incorrect statistics when used on the new device.


I corrected the RAM usage statistic by changing “735” to “3963”, the amount of RAM in the NUC in megabytes.

I also needed to give PHP permission to run root commands. To do this, I gave the Apache user www-data full permissions:

To the sudoers file, I added:

We’re not too concerned about security, but on a live webserver this probably isn’t a good idea.

Most of the S.A.R.T Interface is now functional: The video stream, the raw data log, the SSH console, power options and the system information display. The next job is FTP.

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