S.A.R.T.ing forward – powered by Dell Technologies

Moving away from the challenging year that 2020 was for us all, S.A.R.T. was very fortunate to get the opportunity to partner with Dell Technologies to power our efforts moving into 2021.

As a part of our partnership, Dell have generously provided us with a number of Dell products to help enhance our robot system. Firstly to help us working on the design and function of our robot and software systems, we received a new Precision Mobile Workstation to power our CAD processes and AI development, as well as two 27″ monitors and a docking station to significantly increase our teamwork and productivity.

Even more excitingly though, we were also fortunate enough to be provided with a Dell Optiplex system, whose versatile form factor is an excellent opportunity for us to build a signficantly more powerful and user-friendly control panel to support the operation of our robot.

Needless to say, the S.A.R.T. office has never looked more prepared and ready at the start of a new year than it does now! Between these two systems, we can see excellent opportunities to greatly improve our robot and control systems, not only for future competitions but also for creating a marketable first responder rescue robot to help save lives. Our first goal is developing our new control panel, which we have already started working on and look forward to sharing progress for soon.

We are so thrilled to be working with Dell Technologies and so thankful for the technology they have provided us to support our efforts in developing our world-class rapidly manufactured rescue robot.

Stay tuned for more about what this amazing partnership helps us to achieve.

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