After exams had concluded, I started working on modifying the current robot design to accommodate the concepts that Jack and Aaron came up with a few weeks ago.

The modifications were:

  • Shrink both sides of the robot chassis which reduced the overall length.  The length went from 251 to 226mm – the minimum amount of room required to mount the NUC and servos, plus a bit extra for the thickness of the walls.
  • Remove the NUC standoffs.  These were removed so that we could use metal standoffs that will screw into the base instead of the 3D printed plastic ones.
  • Move the servo mounts into the middle of the chassis.  Before, these were slightly offset to the top, making the robot higher on one side of the central horizontal axis.
  • Removed the camera hole protective cover.  This was merely for ease of printing, as all I did was just detach it from the main chassis.  Aaron will use acetone to attach it to the chassis when he attaches the two halves of the robot together.
  • Cut the robot in half.  Well, more of a 3/4 to 1/4 division, and this is so it fits on the Ultimaker 2 3D printer print bed.  It almost fit as a single whole piece, but there was just a few clearance issues along the sides.
  • Moved the SSD mount towards the centre.  I was given some dimensions, but I haven’t verified if it actually fits perfectly yet, as the other design mimicked the internal structure of the NUC case.

The final dimensions of the robot are:

Length: 226.1mm
Width:  150mm
Height:  50mm


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