We have two monitors at the S.A.R.T workstation. One monitor is usually connected to the S.A.R.T robot, and the other is usually unused. Until today.

Aaron and I Jerry “Gerry”-rigged a monitor mount to accommodate the BreezeLite mini PC. The existing mount had to be adjusted to fit the new mount, but fortunately this doesn’t compromise any future uses for this mount.


We used the screws included with the BreezeLite as they were long enough to fit through both mounting brackets and the monitor.


The end product is surprisingly sturdy.


Aaron loaded the BreezeLite with Windows 10 (which seems to be working pretty well, as it was designed for this) and downloaded a wireless driver.

We now have a convenient Windows computer which can be used for making blog posts, videos and images, as well as research and development.

Meanwhile I investigated 3D printing some cable holder clips to tidy up the desk in order to create some space to work on the robot.

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