Today Aaron brought the chocolates that he promised to bring for IT Support. Aaron had an idea about how we could give them to IT Support. The idea was:

What we need:

1x Ethernet cable

1x Sticky tape

1x Chocolate

1x “Fake” download bar.

After taking the tape and ethernet cable from the IT staff room (that we forgot to return, oh well) We got to work the first step was to stick the ethernet cable to the chocolate box, this was easily done.


We then plugged the other end into the ethernet port on Aarons laptop.

After that was complete we got a “fake download bar” test it here.

The plan was simple, walk to IT, ask them to test this little HTML script, and when it got to 100% Jack would show the chocolates. The first response we got once we got to IT Support was “I thought we talked about this” Referring to the fact that we were banned. IT were a bit worried about where this random ethernet cable went off to, Aaron told them not to worry about that and to just press download. Again they were worried about the download button, but they did it anyway. Once the bar got to 100% Jack showed them the chocolates, they found it funny and were very happy, we may have made their day…


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