Important (Important) Information. Important Indeed.

3 days ago, Aaron set up a fantastic little WordPress plugin that will send an email to every member of the team whenever a new blog post is created. This way, hopefully everyone can stay up-to-date on new developments that occur while they are “out of the office” so to speak, which I think is absolutely fantastic!


So I know everyone’s been very busy, and at some times even forgot the blog existed, so not everyone is up to speed on what’s going on.

In order to rectify this slightly scary situation, here’s a short list of the important stuff we’ve been up to¬†recently.

Items here are in reverse-chronological order – that is, the most recent things first.

  • Drive System Design – This is the new design for the wheels, now including a belt.
  • The Briefest of Cases – A list of things we need to buy, as well as the general idea for our control panel.
  • Energy Issues – One of the biggest problems we face is powering everything. If only we had a ZPM.


These are the most important posts you need to read if you want to catch up. You don’t have to read all the other blogs, but I suppose it’s a good idea if you have no clue what has been happening over the last few months. In the future, you will get emails from the site whenever a blog is posted, so you shouldn’t miss anything else. I highly recommend you read them, it should take less than 5 minutes every day.

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