On Wednesday the 15th, the team met at the school at 5pm to discuss the itinerary and travel plans for Japan. At the current time, it looks like everyone will be attending, which is excellent news!

Now that everything’s “official”, hopefully we’ll start working on the new robot. So far, it looks like we’re ahead of last year. We’ve pretty much planned everything out and we’ve got most of the interface and control panel set up and ready to go. Important features such as streaming and robot <–> control panel communication are up and running.

The few big jobs that remain include designing the new robot in Sketchup (we do have the primitive concept complete) and assembling it. Matthew and I are looking at purchasing a 3D printer, which will speed along the process as we can prototype at home while designing.


We’re also in the process of getting permission to move into the “Music Room” and using it as our main “base of operations”, so to speak. I say “Music Room” (quote unquote) because that’s only what the sign on the door says – the last time it heard music was probably a few years ago. It’s a tiny room off to the side of the C block, containing one small couch and nothing else. It’s fallen into disuse, but we believe it will be helpful to have our own space that doesn’t get reorganised all the time.

We’ve actually stopped cleaning our existing workstation as we keep anticipating that we’ll be moving soon, but all the official business seems to take longer than we originally thought.

Hopefully we’ll have some good news on that soon!

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