After printing some wheels in PLA I thought we could speed this up if I got the Ultimaker and started printing them on that as well. As I’m using the Ultimaker I’m using ABS to print the wheels, not only is it better quality it is also a stronger plastic so with that in mind we are making all the wheels in ABS! I got Mr. Crane to get us some new ABS, white, orange and blue. We are printing one set of wheels in orange and one in white as a backup. It was all going well tell the Ultimaker’s temp sensor died…

This is something we differently didn’t need.

After checking with Ultimakers guide with how to check the temp sensor here I found the sensor should be around 108 Ohms at room temperature, however with ours we get nothing from it, so it’s dead.

When I was talking to Mr. Stock about it he said that I should also get a nozzle kit for it. So I started to rip apart the printer to get it ready to accept it’s new fancy parts (when they come)

All In total we got the needed temperature sensor and our new upgraded nozzle.

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