We’ve had a few internet issues that have set us back a long way.

The first issue is that the wireless access points in use here are 5GHz. This means the Raspberry Pi 3 inbuilt wireless adapter cannot connect to the school network, and neither can any of the wireless adapters we’ve tried.

This isn’t a huge problem though, because we can use one of the many ethernet ports to access the internet on the Raspberry Pi. This works pretty well for the most part, except for one major flaw.

Some websites are blocked for “Non-Managed Site”, including most sites that host packages. This means that the apt-get command hardly works, and when it does, barely half of a program is properly installed. So we cannot use the school network in general.

Mobile phones these days can be used to share an internet connection. So, being the intelligent people we are, we activated this feature on a mobile phone. Finally we had a network with no restrictions!

Unfortunately the hundreds of access points around the school caused significant interference and we were barely able to connect the Pi to the ad-hoc network.

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