Aaron and Matt went to IT to work on the BreezeLite but found out that google has been blocked, yet we could go to websites like speedtest.net or iinet.net.au.

screenshot-google-blocked screenshot-iinet-unblocked

After much messing around Aaron tried to install chrome, but that failed due to the fact that google was blocked. Matthew then tried to use internet sharing from his school laptop that could use google, that again failed. Aaron also tried to install chrome from the command line, however, that was also blocked due to an invalid security certificate. Aaron also tried using google on the ubuntu laptop and another NUC, both of them worked. Aaron had enough of it so he reimaged the BreezeLite.

After the reimage finished, nothing had changed, google was still blocked. This left us all wondering why google was the only site blocked. While talking to Mr. Elias, he told us that IT are cutting down on the drives connected to the network, but that doesn’t explain why only google doesn’t work. If IT were to block our BreezeLite, wouldn’t everything be blocked? As the BreezeLite had windows 10 on it from factory Mr. Elias suggested that we reinstall windows 10 and see if we run into any issues. This is quite a high chance due to the fact that this was designed for windows 10.


After windows 10 installed Aaron talked to Mr. Elias, he told Mr. Elias that it might be a good idea to run a stress test on it as this could rule out any power issues, we chose to use AIDA64 as Aaron, Jack, and Matthew have used it in the past. Aaron did a 10-minute test and several restarts, all of which were successful.


The hottest core was core 4 at 83 degrees C, so thermals are not an issue. At the end of the day, Jack took the new intel NUC home to work on streaming. Aaron took the BreezeLite home to try different tests.

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