Matthew worked on connecting the Ubuntu laptop to the school network, however he is having trouble connecting it to the Internet. Our connection seems to have been blocked by the school.

While this unfolded, I fixed an overload error on the arm servo (servo 5) by removing a torque limit. Instead, we will try to collect information from the servos and let the Raspberry Pi decide when it should try to reduce the strain on the servos.

Ryan added multiple revisions of the Python code to several pastebin documents and then linked them in the logic section of this document.

Then the robot blew up. It looks like the Raspberry Pi over-amped. Further testing with a DVOM (Digital Volt-Ohm Metre) revealed that the Raspberry Pi was being provided with just under 5 volts, 5 amps, even though it is rated at 5 volts, 1 amps.

The result of this was a dead Raspberry Pi and a dead SD card. There’s no sign that any other components have been affected, however we are unable to test the OpenCM board and the servos as our previous 8xAA battery power supply has been cannibalised as we did not have extra cables to connect the new LiPo supply, and the team are reluctant to hook up the LiPo up to anything else when the cause of the issue is still relatively unknown and hotly debated.

deadpi4 deadpi3
deadpi2 deadpi1

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